Saturday, August 2, 2014

Crusaders vs Warratahs.

My palms were sweatin' and all kinds of ish during the last 20. If Hubba wasn't asleep and Papa Greg wasn't here, I would have said swear words out loud instead of in my head.
32-33 to the Warratahs. I predicted 26-28 to the Crusaders yesterday.
Close margin. Good game, but dammit.
If I hadn't upgraded my point and shoot today, there would be tears tonight.
Let me tell you about that!
The only reason I upgraded was mainly because of the AA batteries, otherwise the Canon Powershot SX150IS is a good camera. Love the SX line. I gave my SX100 to Tashi a few years ago when I upgraded to the 150. Bypassed the 160 because it took AA batteries too and even with rechargeable ones, trying to shoot video in HD only lasted 2 minutes before the battery alarm started flashing flat.

So since a tax return is equivalent to Christmas, a return that was supposed to buy me a weed eater (don't tell my Mum), I upgraded because sometimes I feel I deserve luxuries. The only luxury I get usually is branded body wash over the Uncle Bills brand, which is really probably dish washing liquid in a body wash bottle.

I feel ok about this upgrade.
It's therapy.
I was preparing myself in advance for the devastating Super Rugby loss tonight.
Still love you Richie, but Crotty is looking mighty fresh too so we might have to break up.
Till next year Super Rugby!
May the force be with you .. and with my SX170.

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