Wednesday, August 20, 2014


August was always going to be a busy month and we're nearing the end of it.
This weekend Tyler will be 21. We're celebrating her birthday a night early, because of booking issues at a venue, and I'm kinda looking forward to it. I'm prone to be anti-social and I hate dressing up for anything that isn't religious and it's a formal affair. Her Dad also gets in on the weekend for his 10 days R&R from work.

Mitchy's hair woes continue.

Next week is Hubba's birthday. What started off with 20 people is now closer to 50. I decided to go all out for this birthday because it's the first time she's understood the concept of a birthday party and she's excited about it .. more excited that her cousin Larellyphant - who will most likely ditch her for Rome - is coming down for it.

Then there's the Stake song festival that night. Don't worry Peter T, my sister has taught her kids the songs and they'll be participating that night. I'll be recording it from the back.

Mitchy's hair was still orange today.

Then August will be over and it will be Spring.
I'm looking forward to Spring. My chimney's been hot since March and the billowing smoke that comes out the front instead of up the shoot is telling me I need to find a chimney sweep.

Hubba has asthma. This stressed everyone out and added to her medical woes. I still think that if Uncle Jeston didn't kiss and cuddle her while he had the flu, she wouldn't have been wheezy for three days.

Mitchy dyed her hair again tonight. It's less orange and more brown.

Told Hubba Papa Greg was going away to Wellington and she cried. She calmed her farm when I told her it was only for 2 days.
Cool dude.

We did not consume chocolate today. At all.


Melissa said...

I can't believe you didn't eat chocolate.

Unknown said...

Lol hubba is such a mini you I can't wait to hear the stuff coming out of her in the next few years!

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