Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"Are you really home schooling her?"

I get it from the people at church. The question is combined with a funny look and it's making me a little moody smurf because the look is riddled with the hidden question, "Do you know what you're doing?" and "Why would you want to be with your kids ALL day?"
So I must clarify more.

Michelle, minus Hubba, has 4 kids. That's 4 uniforms. Brand new, easily $1000 because high school and intermediate have summer and winter uniforms and they'll need shoes a few times during the year. Hubba's uniform? Pajamas. $8 from The Warehouse. They'll last her 2 years.

School fees. One of Mitchy's alone is $300+ and that's bi-annual, may even be quarterly, and not ALL of the fees she'll pay this year.

"EJ, please don't do that.","EJ, you'll be staying in during recess", "EJ are you listening?" Come on. "Avada Kedavra!" is much more innovative and brings creativity to the pot.

School canteen. Pies, Pizzas, hot chips, carrot cake, candy, sugar loaded ice-blocks. Home. multi-grain sammiches, apples, bananas, hummus and pita chips!

Rome falls asleep at school and Coral has told stories of falling asleep in class. This may be because of their hours at home (most likely), but when you add in 6am Seminary, after school sports, some have morning sports and then up to 8 subjects packed into a 6 hour day? Kids need sleep because they have to do it all again the next day. We need sleep to survive. It's a replenishing time and it's important. Hubba's school day includes 90 minutes of sleep. I've allotted 4 hours per day for her, 1.5 hour book work, 30 minutes practical work, 30 minutes lunch and snack time, 90 minute sleep.

No bullies. NO BULLIES. Bullying, especially these days, does not turn your child into a successful adult and the parents who say otherwise, are parents of bullies. How they grow up is dependant on how they're fed information and what they chose to do with it. How do you retain information when you know who's going to torment you during lunch time. It happens at every school. Everyday.

Decide to be spontaneous one day and head up to my sisters for an R&R. Take the learning CDs with me and now my car is a classroom.

I don't down public schooling, I just don't trust it here. I may place her in a school at High School, I may not, but for these early years I think she needs something better than learning how to raise her hand religiously.


Melissa said...

No matter what you choose to do, people will give you that face, that's why we need to be secure in our decisions.
Sounds like you are so it'll be fine.

Me said...

Just be like "are you NOT??" and they'll shut they're stupid mouths.

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