Tuesday, August 19, 2014

An Emergency.

Today started off just great. Two Mums and a baby went on Operation Tuesday lunch out.
Then Mitchy decided she'd peroxide her hair.

The idea was to get it light brown ...
Like this ...




After a quick text and call, we drove to cousin Dereks salon - Eklipz - and he happily took Mitchy in after closing time. There is no other way to describe Derek other than ... fabulous.
4pm - looking a little like Mufasa.

It's tragic isn't it.
No, it's not tragic it's just un-even.
That's another way of saying tragic isn't it.





Closer to brown than orange.
I like it.
Olly will like it because he has no hair of his own to like and he won't want to sleep on their couches for 10 days, because he's 6 foot+ and the couches are 5'8"long.

The things we do to look like J-Lo.
3 hours in the salon. If the company wasn't awesome, I would have left her there to sleep. Thanks to Shaily who internetted babysat in the car. We know we were in a free WiFi zone and that's why you didn't complain about being in a car with the babies for 3 hours.
Next time you see Mitchy, maintain eye contact. Do not avert your eyes upwards.
She might cut you.

Why weren't we at ward song fest practise tonight?
Because of Mufasachelle Craig.

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