Saturday, August 9, 2014

15 years of Shailahzay.

1999  - Cute Shai.

2000 - Fat Shai.

2001 - Bar-code eye brows Shai.

2002 - I'm the King of the Jungle on this bike Shai.

2003 - Sup G? Shai.

2004 - I've-got-a-crazy-sister-and-I-get-the-blame Shai.

2005 - Skivvies-went-out-in-2001-Mum Shai.

2006-All painted in Australia Shai.

2007-Gold Coast Shai.

2008-I don't have a snotty nose anymore Shai.

2009-Home for the holidays Shai.

2010-Probably going through puberty Shai.

2011-Moved home Shai.

2012-Shai Shultz.

2013 - Shai at 14.

Stay classy fool!
Happy Birthday to our favourite fish that rhymes with flybatray.

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