Thursday, July 24, 2014

Whale Watching.

Her application for home school was processed and they called today to let me know it's all a go. This is what I have been waiting for. A foot in the door for pre-school correspondence is closer to getting the certificate of exemption when she's 6. I'm glad we qualified because the idea of putting her into public school did not give me warm fuzzies. You watch .. in 10 years time, they'll offer practical Polytech/Uni subjects - like Nursing - online, completely.

We were in Napier today for something unrelated to whale watching, but she insisted we go watch for whales. Very rarely does Napier get whales through the area that stay long enough to entertain us on the shore. After 20 minutes she asked where the whales were, I told her they were sleeping. This mystified her.
'They have to come up for air sooner or later'.
We've been watching too much Whale Wars. Obvious by her comment when spotting a boat in the distance, "That ship better not be the Nisshin Maru".

She found a "Moses stick" at the beach.

Stop touching my cameras Shaily or I'll harpoon you.

Birthday planning has begun.
Aunty Ness, Aunty Tashi, Mummy Mitchy & Nan, we got this!

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Me said...

The ocean is just so big it makes big whales look small. It's always really hard to see them from shore even if they're there. What kind come? In WA we get greys, rights, Minsk, sometimes humpbacks :)

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