Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday thus far.

Can I have marmite and peanut butter on my toast?
On the same toast?
Yes on the same toast
Ok, but you better eat it.
I will because I'm really hungry.
If you say so.
Can you put a ham on it too?
Yes. Yes I can.
And a sauce.
Tomato or sweet n sour?
Sweet n sour.
Did she eat it?
She sure did.

Found my VT message stuck to the back of my car window. I'm not sure how it got from out of the mailbox and onto my back window, but it was a message that came at the right time.

Thanks Nan for the jumbo pillow pet.

I'm going to make a salve for my nieces and nephews who have chronic eczema. It's going to take 6 weeks just to infuse the herb. EVOO is not fab for lotion and incase I made a lotion out of it for them, I used grape seed oil. It's on special at the moment at Countdown ($6.99 for a one card member).

I have a 100% herbal tea and to avoid finding cheese cloth later to separate the herb from the oil, I put the bag into the jar as opposed to emptying out each one. I did my research to see what the bags were made out of and they contain no epichlorohydrin and are soy and hemp based.

Dated sealed and must be shaken/shook daily. Watch this space. I don't know if it works, but Mitchy infusing the tea normally and applying seems to be doing something with her kids skin woes.


Me said...

i love making salves! we make them all the time here because of all the great stuff that grows in the forests!

also, isnt nettle great?? we eat it quiet regularly. i took a class in college where i learned all about making salves and gathing native plants. still my favorite class ever :)

Melissa said...

I had no idea about this stuff.
Can you blog more about it?
Hahahaha I love that your daughter ate that toast. She's one in a million man. Love it.

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