Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Garlic Chicken & Gouda Tamales.
Fancy, but the garlic chicken was cheaper than the normal chicken and the gouda was cheaper than the tasty.

Corn husks are not easy to come by here. Unfortunate. After using parchment, I think it would be worth finding husks next time.

With salsa verse.
The use of the parchment gave them the glossy look where husks leaves a pattern. Although they tasted like normal tamales, the glossy look made them look under cooked. I don't know what else you'd use in the event of no corn husks senor.
Mutton cloth? We use it in hangi's ...

A system is bringing some pretty cold weather to the country. Snow on the desert road means definately snow on the Napier-Taupo ranges. Supposed to be going to Auckland on Friday to bring home The Livian, but my Mum wants to go and I'm ok to sacrifice my seat (and Hubba's).

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Me said...

I made on of my grandpa hals recipes today! Yay new mexico :)

Its already snowing there?

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