Saturday, July 19, 2014


Thanks Papa Greg for the basketball hoop .. pretty sure I asked you for a hockey goal. She'll look pretty funny dangling from the hoop by her hockey stick.

Need oranges and lemons?
I have lots.

I've been youtubing how to braid. I know the basic 3-plait, but felt the need to branch out. She hates it. It takes ages.

I dunno what these two were up to. Coral was a pirate, with a patch, and the Nessa was herself aka. The-time-bomb-angry-bird

Deep fried goodness for dinner.

.. and lime jello.

4th birthday invites. I've removed information for stranger danger purposes.
She can't wait and after telling Aunty Tashi the plan tonight, neither can she.

We're going Mexican next week cuisine-wise.
I've been wanting taco's all week and got my beans on lastnight. They should be done manana.
I did not win the lotto tonight.

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Melissa said...

Sorry about lotto. Love the invite and dinner looks yummy.

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