Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sabbath & homeschooling.

Beans. Delicious tasty beans.

NZ isn't big on home schooling. You have to apply for a certificate of exemption to home school your child. I've been looking into it for a month and I'm slowly getting somewhere. I don't know how the powers-that-be expect you to have your child educated, then zone schooling areas so your school selection is limited. I do not like the local school and I have a valid reason for not considering the next closest schools. I have one in mind, but it's a long shot and they're a selective bunch there too.

Home schooling has always been a preference for me and there are several reasons why I feel, as a parent, that homeschooling is more beneficial. I like the idea of being my child’s role model. Censorship of religion in schools concerns me and I'd like her to avoid the 'keeping up with the Joneses' attitude in teenage years. Schools don't teach life skills nor do they explore subjects that aren't taught in schools e.g. Alternative health, travel, being self sufficient. I want her to learn manners and discipline. Who is the ideal role model at public schools? Other children and I can name a few that attend the local school that could use a kick in the nuts who I'd hate to be example to my child. Manners are becoming rare these days.

The teacher to student ratio comes with great apprehension and just before you give me the ONLY valid reason why public schooling is better (social interaction), may I add this ... children don't learn from their peers, who know about as much as they do, they learn from grown ups who love them. Public school is a simulated reality that offers absolutely nothing parallel to the real world. Nothing I learned in public school prepared me for my first year at University. Nothing. All I learned at CCNZ is that teenagers who share your belief are as shallow as those who don't.

I don't want her there. I know I can do it if not better, closer to it than what kids get these days. Home schooling is improving, but I don't know why it hasn't caught on here yet. Group schooling is dwindling between worse and worser ... and that's not even a word!
We start tomorrow.

If the foundation for learning begins at home, why can't it continue at home?

With Bebbies.


Melissa said...

Good luck. You're right.

Me said...

Can I help with curriculum if you homeschooling? I have 10 years experience in early childhood ed! I can email and Skype with you and her! :) for reals it would be awesome!

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