Sunday, July 13, 2014


First, a poem.

Evil monkey in the sky
What is the reason you can fly?
Staring at me with your glass eye
Why monkey? Why? 

You're welcome.
The monthly family Sunday hangi.

Stuffing was the best part.
I haven't graced the family with *my* version of stuffing yet. I'll pull it out on a rainy day.

Hubba's 4 beverages.

Le Family.

Brother 1. This was all for him today because he became a year closer to being an old sod last week.

Mama's doughnuts.
Mama's Fauxnuts.
Livian says he got the recipe from someone he worked with who's mother is a co-owner of Mama's.
We'll call them O's-Nuts.
Good enough though!

My Boo.

Raiding the fruit trees at Mas.


For the last few days I'd been starting and ending my day by reading the ICQ chat log I mentioned a few days ago. I deleted them all today. Where some of them were fun and entertaining to read again, most of them took me to a place that I didn't want to be emotionally. Woes with US Immigration and being apart because of it. Those logs belong in a state of elimination. Just good memories and I have tens of thousands of those in images.

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Me said...

i want oranges!! cannot wait for mexico.

hubba lush is adorabs.

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