Monday, July 14, 2014

Let it go? No.

Before we moved into this house, the walls were lined with photos, some of people I didn't even know. They were the first to go when we moved in. I love my family, but a thousand eyes looking back at me when I'm trying to watch Alaska: The Last Frontier? No. Photos on my walls now are of my siblings children and they sit behind me on a wall where I can't see them all looking back at me. The only two photos that look back at me are that of Larry. His eyes only.

My grandmothers house is the same and over the past week as we've been tidying the place up, we've removed a photo a day. Five images a day will make it look too obvious. How my mother and I decided who got the shove was simple.

1. You've been married long enough, your wedding photo doesn't qualify you anymore.
2. Your kids are 5 years older now, goodbye.
3. We don't even know you people from the 1950s.
4. You're not even married to him anymore. Adios.
5. You dead.
6. This looks like Africa. Is this Africa?
7. This newborn is 20 now..
8. I think this is this persons son, or it's that persons son. Might even be their daughter.
9. This photo is just hideous.
10. There's no need to have 10 photos of the same cousin.

It was an entertaining afternoon sorting through the shrine of images.
And which ever child put the party hat on the statue of Jesus in Ma's lounge ... well that just made my day.

ICQ Chats. Went through hell to restore them. Gave myself the cold sweats deleting them. I've said it before, but the real time typing makes it seem like he's still here and I love the reminders he gives through-out the logs that he's glad I'm his and that I changed his life.

Miss him mucho.
Watching Frozen tonight at The Livians .. my trip through the veil will be a little like that at 2 minutes in .. minus the song. Watch it on mute to 2:10.


Melissa said...

I like the criteria.

Me said...

we just had a yard sale. my criteria were very strict. at the end i gave away whatever was left the the mostly mexican neighbors who were like, crazy white people. but they could use that stuff and it wouldnt fit in our home and we hadnt used it in a couple years, it had just been in storage. i would rather give it away than just have it not be used.

moral: get rid of the excess!! i love that you're doing it too!! :)

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