Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July VT.

This months visiting teaching message is about Christ as our Advocate. I couldn't put anything together in my head that made much sense to be able to share with my homes. Asked my Mum who told me she was having a holiday from VT'ing this month (good one RS President). It came to me during Fast & Testimony meeting when 3 of 4 houses/families that I visit got up shared.

Christs ultimate act was of compassion for us. The bible teaches us to have compassion for the downtrodden and although the homes I visit each month are far from it, there are things you notice, as a member, that must be taken into consideration.

The 90+ and 70+ year old mother and daughter duo who live across the street.
The sick mother with 3 children and a working Dad next to them.
The couple with 5 babies under 5 years old a few houses down.
The working mother and the stay at home Dad with 4 kids around the corner.

Compassion is cooking dinner to remind them that despite all, someone understands.
And thus, let it be known ... God wanted you all to have Enchiladas tonight.

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