Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's so green, Precious.

Talking to my sister last week she was raving about Peter Jackson, the visually creative genius. She said she wants to marry him .. I wouldn't go that far and commented 'Ew'.  I asked her if she'd seen him. She said no and I should have thought about my words before I said them.
"He looks like every other nerdy creative graphic designer movie producer dude".
Then I compared him to Larry in look and realized I'd put my foot in my mouth.

She talked about The Hobbit and told me the visuals in the movie were pretty amazeballs. I chose not to see The Hobbit because waiting a year for the next movie is tormenting. Sat down and watched the first one today and I must concur. He's pretty amazing.

Needless to say, New Zealand scenery is pretty amazing and The Hobbit is near excellence.
The Desolation of Smaug awaits me in the lounge.
Dawn  of The Planet of the Apes is in theatres tomorrow.Need a date. Might tell my Mum. She'll have to pay too and buy the popcorn.
Sometimes that's what Mums are for.

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Melissa said...

Nz is unique alright. I miss it.

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