Monday, July 28, 2014

Saying "no" from now on .. it's much nicer than sayin "up yours, go away", but means the same thing.

Re-thinking Wellington right now.
Had one of those days where everything that I am was needed by everyone else. It's only 7pm and I'm ready for bed, but there are still things to do.
I've stopped to ask myself ... is it better to go to Wellington to get away from 10 people? Or is it better to stay home and avoid 2. Possibly the worst 2.
Here's what happened today.
Brother came to use printer. I've been asking him for my GPS for a week. He can't find it. He's going hunting. Car wouldn't start. Been asking someone all week about a battery. No dice there. No one was home to jump start the car. Neighbor suggested it was the starter motor and not the battery (shut up neighbor!). Mitchy saves the day. Kohanga calls. Computer woes. Mother calls. Her woes. Schooled the child. Sent a rude text to battery hooker-uppers. He sends me somewhere to get it. Mother calls, "If you're going to town can you get this and this and that and a lamington". She decides to come instead. New battery. Gas the car up for tomorrow. Sister calls. Mum errands. Come home. Book my car in for a lube service. Go back in. Come home. Finish the child's schooling. Pack. Clean. Laundry. My mother asks me to read over a questionnaire and fill it out, she's tired. I read over it, it's a mini-course she needs to complete by Thursday (do it yourself). Someone comes over wanting to pick my brain re: writing a proposal letter for sponsorship (wtf). Devices were tormenting me. Sister calls. Get washing. Start dinner. Pack food. Papa Greg arrives and wants to quiz me about pot-sizes. Lectures me about lending out my stuff to people who don't give it back (gps .. took him 6 months to give it back too). Go down to brothers and find the GPS myself. In his glove box, where I told him it was a week ago. Sister calls. Cousin calls to ask if I can go down and set her heat-pump up onto the timer (get a new remote fool). Dinner. Light fire. Pack. Still need to go to Mitchy's to get something. Still need to pack my car.
Could use a Valium lolly-pop right now.
The disadvantages of being here all in 10 hours and I've left some ish out.
Girrrllllll, you needs ta pray.


Me said...

They used Valium lolipops in the military when they rescue people on helicopters. But your life sounds hectic enough that you might call in an SOS for one.

Melissa said...

Hahahaha sorry it's not really funny but it kinda is. It sounds slightly chaotic and just like family.
With all your packing my guess is your leaning towards going then?
Good luck girlfriend.

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