Sunday, July 6, 2014

First Sabbath in July

Went to church.
Enjoyed Fast & Testimony meeting and I usually don't.
Endured Sharing Time.
Babysat some kids.
Fed them junk.
Watched planes at the aerodrome.
Made paper planes.
Had lunch.
Watched a Gyrocopter.
Broke the sabbath.
Shared my Georgie Pie with Mitchy.
Watched The Voice.
Had cake.
Came home.
Child in bed.

People get sick.
People are sick in our ward. More than one.
I would trade places in a heartbeat just because I know who will be standing on the otherside of that veil waiting for me.
That is not selfishness on my part.
It's despair.
I get envious and it's probably unsound of me.


Melissa said...

Whos to say what's sound or not. Feelings are feelings and you have some deep ones. It's how we cope with them that's key.

CamillaS said...

Thanks for that ;) Appreciated!

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