Monday, July 7, 2014

Busy Bee Mondee.

We cleaned the two front rooms of my grandmothers house today in prep to paint them tomorrow. The two rooms edge the veranda, a hot spot during the summer for family since way back.
Not sure who the chap is on the left looking to his left. Next to him is my Pops, Uncle Bub, Aunty Marva (who was around 10 in this photo and would be 76 if she were still with us), Uncle Joe, Aunty Toots & Pops first wife Taraipene.

The Veranda today.
If you look super close, in between the door and the right window sits my mother with a towel over her head.
If you don't want to be in the photo, move.
She improvised.

Rugby memorabilia. I'd never ever seen these before and honestly, it wasn't until I was at Intermediate (Jr High) that I realized our Pops was an All  Black.
I wish I were around during his All Black days .. imagine the free tickets I would have got.

The All Blacks of 1935.

We found this letter. I couldn't read it. The penmanship was far too flash.
Signed from George Nepia - All Black #295


My Mum calls this room the dead room.
It's where our dead go during the tangi.
Please put me in the ground the same day. Speed up the process mate, it's long winded.

The shack on the left is my brothers abode. The house on the right is my Grandparents and the house beyond the plum trees in the back belongs to my Parentals. There is space for my big orange house to be moved down there too. We just need a winning lotto ticket. It's the first thing I'd do if I won.

The rose gardens.

Everyone needs one.

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Melissa said...

Hahahaha nice selfie. Maybe a full face shot next time?
I think all that old stuff you found is awesome and I like the little compound your family has going on there. It's perfect.
I hope you win lotto.

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