Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Weekend.

I watched rugby till 5am.
Needless to say, I was absent from worship this morning.
Thermal season.

Carpet in the lounge at The Livians.

Ngawi's birthday is tomorrow. We celebrated it today because it's his Dads weekend off and he was home - and not hunting - and because tomorrow is a busy day (boys have boxing, Shai has BBall etc).

Too much sugary stuff.

Only 2 of Nganz friends were invited. The Giggler and Cyrus.

He probably wouldn't have invited Hubba if he called the shots.

He didn't want a fancy cake this year.
"A chocolate one" he said.
Thanks to Gooey cakes, it was so.

The birthday boy.
He'll be 6 tomorrow.

R for Rome.

The birthday present.
I really like it. The detail made me want to play with it.

Tried to avoid FHE tomorrow by writing todays birthday lunch off as family home evening.
Got bummed out so it's my turn tomorrow.
How unfortunate.


Melissa said...

How come you watched rugby that long?

CamillaS said...

NZ vs England x 3.
Australia vs France
Junior World Championship Repeats!
= 5am.

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