Sunday, June 15, 2014


Here in Ruralville, you learn from a young age how to make do.
Papa Greg grew up in a Ruralville too, more rural than this Ruralville.
He's a man that knows how to make do.
I said I'd take better photos.

Hubba's photo.
"Can you load it to the flog?"

I'm molding her to embrace this rural life.
The other girls in the family are a lost cause.
Maybe not Rome.
She's going to run the farm one day.

Church was great and by that I mean the naughty kids weren't in sharing time today AND the wheels are in motion to restructure the ward. Got my visiting teaching done for the month. Boom. Added 2 sisters to my list today because they never get visited and they're two sisters that need visiting.

Rome doesn't want to go to school tomorrow because of her 2 missing teeth.

Long story short, Jeston kicked one out while they were playing.
Ohhh weee, did the wrath of god come upon him tonight.
You scared me a lil bit Mitchy.

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Me said...

That tub is rad :)

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