Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Soup, art, games and child.

What's better than a 78 cent soup?
A 49 cent soup.
Thanks Watties for soup #85 and #84.

Serve it piping hot with a grilled cheese and boom.

Found Salsa verde today at The Clearance Shed.
$8 a can from the American store in Auckland, $2.50 at TCS.

Learning to colour inside the lines, shapes and faces.

What? You want to play a game on your iPod?
That's a negative Houston.

This game boggled her. The idea is to push all the sticks through the holes, drop marbles into the top, roll a dice and what colour it lands on is the colour of the stick you pull out and hope you don't drop marbles. It was Armageddon when a marble fell out and she'd cry and put the marbles back in the top.

Connect Four. Adversarial enough for a 3 year old to get.

This mornings fog never lifted.
We did not reach 10°c today and even with the fire going all day, it's still cold inside.

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