Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday at home and soup #86

Just another Saturday at home.

The Farmers finally traded in their piece of crap Subee for a Swift. I've named her Blue-Ivy. You know, like Beyonce. I was also going for Maxine or Veronica.

#86. Crab Bisque.
Do not ever spill fish stock, especially the potent stuff from the Asian grocery store. Oh my fishballs its stunk the whole house out .. enough that I'm going to light some cinnamon incense and go somewhere for a few hours.

Onions. Garlic. Celery all diced and 2 minute saute in butter.

The culprit mixed with 4 tbsp of dry wine.

The Roux. Butter and flour then slowly add the stock/wine mix then cream and milk. Add the crab, old bay seasoning, puree it cold and reheat.

There were more photos, but the house smells and I'm leaving.

I hope it smells better for rugby at 7.30pm.

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