Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday the 20th.

Larell went through a pixie dust phase, I remember this. Hubba's going through it. I showed her glitter in the tube and she wasn't convinced it was pixie dust. You have to mix it all together and put into a bottle then pray over it ... now it's pixie dust.
Dear Heavenly Father, Please make the pixie dust magic. Thank you for our food. I like purple. In the name of .. etc.

I am not a baker.
There is no shame in Pillsburys cake in a box. (except when it comes to Reds).

She licked everything.



Found this at Uncle Bills! Yes.

Pixie dust cupcakes.

We went out and about and delivered them this afternoon in Nans cheese board thingy that she only opened a week ago. Ness managed to break it into a million pieces tonight when we delivered theirs. I knew it was going to break as soon as we got to the mad house.
RIP glass top.

Hubba's complimentary Lightning Fish book from Ariel.

She's a lucky little fish she is.

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Me said...

purple is my favorite too!!

when i was in middle school my best friend and i started this thing that was like part of church but would probably have been frowned upon involving making "magic potions" being led by the spirit to use instructions from shakespeare sonnets. we also used runes which came in a teen magazine one month instead of the zodiac to mix things up, and we used the spirit to interpret their meaning. then the potions went bad and it was very smelly.

shes hilarious. i'm glad she likes the book :)

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