Monday, June 9, 2014

FHE & Soup #90

Sofia the First is her new craze so anything jewelry related is a hit. She wants an 'amulet' like Sofia that can help her talk to cats.
Rome knows how to do it without an Amulet.
They call that craycray in medical terms.

#90 Red wine, balsamic chicken thigh semi-gumbo.

Throw it all a pot and let it slow cook for 6 hours.

This is the maker or the breaker of the dish.

Served with gluten free rye and boomskis.

I hate pre-teens.

I enforced the device ban tonight and no one wanted to be here. When Brother 3 asked for the WiFi password I said nope. He called me a name, I showed him a finger and he angrily asked again. Like Mary, Queen of Scots, when John Knox tried to make her change her religion, I stood my ground. Lucky Shaily wasn't here. It would have been the worst 20 minutes of her life without her iDefib.

I don't know what makes kids cry at all the wrong times, but Rome does it every time. Lucky she's blood (Happy real birthday Nganz!).

Milo and cookies for supper.

Cheers big ears.

"I'm glad they're gone. Why did you tell them all to come here?"
Lil Miss Scare-all.

1 comment:

Me said...

Good Mary queen of Scotts ref!

Hubba is fantastic :) I love making jewelry. I'll try to find her an amulet :)

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