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Device Hell.

We're in a touch screen generation, so when I sat Hubba at the computer this afternoon to play an alphabet game, she didn't know what to do with the "cupcake" (mouse).

Headsprout has games that help you learn how to use a mouse and I lost my patience and forgot that she was a first timer. She argued that it doesn't look like a mouse and I told her it was just a name because computer-pointing-device was too long. She said it's not even furry and I told her I was going to catch a mouse and put it in her bed tonight if she didn't pay attention.

Her simple click reminds me of how my Aunty Vi dials a number on the phone. She's use to the rotary phone dials, so when she got a push buttons phone it was way too high tech. She pushes down on the button as if the first ten seconds of holding it down wasn't enough. Hubba does this.

Then there was following the arrow on the screen as she moved the mouse AND clicking. The coordination was far too advanced for her and threw the mouse and started swiping the computer monitor trying to move the arrow that way.

Touchscreen handheld devices are the best worst invention ever. WiFi is the best worst invention ever. Children and gadgets are a bad combination.

She'd rather have her iPod.

Nessa cries when her devices are taken off her, so does Coral.
Waimea has the cold sweats because it means he has to leave the house and socialize.
Ngawi has minecraft withdrawals and throws tandys.
Tyler will turn the house upside down if she can't find her phone.
Shailahzay, straight up, gets severe PMS.
My mum neglects her adult children (I could still ring Cyfs on you woman) when she's in texting mode.

These are our life supplies now.
It's caused a hideous effect in the world.
Hubba's iPod is only for songs. Child friendly games are on the tablet.
Anything else she'll need in the future will require a mouse. She is not going to add to the people who never look up.

Take note family. From now on, there will be a basket in my house for devices. Don't come in if you don't want to leave it in there. Also, I'm changing my Wifi password so you freeloaders can socialize when you come to visit.


Melissa said…
LOl this makes me laugh.
I like it.

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