Friday, June 13, 2014

Black Friday.

I spent the day out.
I spent the day with Mitchy and Hubba.
Next time I decide to spend the day out, it will not be with Mitchy and Hubba together.
One of them will be at Kohanga.

And thus, the habit has begun.
She likes her scents.

When in the toy isle, at the Kmart looking for building blocks, she spotted the Tangled doll, she threw herself on the floor in dead weight sobbing for it. It was either, buy the doll or beat her up in the toy isle and since the latter is illegal ....

I threatened her with death all day.
'You wait till we get home'.
And then we get home and she's genuinely happy to be home and exclaims, "Sweet home sweet", it's too cute to remember that she was a demon all day.
It very much was so Friday the 13th today.

On a side note. The baby of my generation in our family and budding orthodontist, Terry, met Richie McCaw today. I'm pretty jealous.

All Blacks vs England 2nd test tomorrow in Dunedin.
Please bring something better than last week.


Melissa said...

Just got tickets to the Chicago game today.
Dru and I are so pumped. Got the plane tickets, hotel room and now the rugby tickets, it's all legit.
It's ironic that for 13 years Dru's wanted to watch the Allblacks play and he watches them here in USA!!!
I think he's drug free high as a kite about it.

CamillaS said...

I'm excited for you guys too. Man!!! Enjoy it for me and fully dress the part!! (So we can see you on TV - you might be the only 2 in black). ;)

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