Friday, June 6, 2014

4 kids and a funeral.

There's a reason I don't go to funerals.
It's because all of them are sad and at 10.30am this morning, I still wasn't going to the funeral. What got me there, was the idea of having to babysit Ngawi while his parents went to the funeral.
That was enough and I got dressed and went down.

I'm glad I went. It was one of the nicest funerals I've ever been to. The other similar funeral was the funeral of the lady who I got my middle name from, Nanny Kaa. As young as I was, I still remember that her funeral was special. Aunty Becky only had 2 sons and a whangai daughter and apart from her sister giving the eulogy, they were the only speakers at the service today.

They were happy.
Happy for their mother and her reunion with their father. They know the church and the belief we share is enough. The last speaker, her oldest son, talked about his son - who is currently serving in the Philippines - who asked his grandmother to promise him that she'll be there when he returns from his mission. To console his son, he promised him that his grandmother will be there when his lifes mission ends.

Little things prepare you for bigger things.
Take note next time something minuscule passes your way. I don't know what made me tell Larry he was brave that night before he died and when I asked him not to go anywhere, (I was referring to please don't die tonight), he said "Where am I going? I'm always with you".

Sometimes it takes a funeral to notice.
Kudo's to Peggy Jo for the song at the end.
I wish I recorded it.
Give my Larry the biggest loves ever Aunty Becky! And tell him the All Blacks play England tomorrow night and they might need a divine Prop or Lock.

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