Monday, June 30, 2014

Best sister-in-law ever.

I dyed my hair tonight and I think it's orange.
How orange?
Like .. your Mum orange?
What colour's it supposed to be?
Like .. Lily (their ginger cat) orange?

Then she sends me a photo this afternoon WITH A COMPARISON PHOTO.
There wasn't much else to decide after that.
Her fate was sealed (and shared on Facebook).

Next time you wanna try hombre your hair Mitchy ... let me come video it.

Soup overload

Over the last 2 weeks.
#83 Parihuela.

 #82 Caldo de siete mares

#81 Albondigas

#80 The anything soup made up from left over stock from the Albondigas.

#79 Shark-fin Broth w/ Pok Choy, Shrooms & fish dumplings.

I'm officially getting sick of soups.
Knew this 92 soups crap was a bad idea.

Love continued ...

Love is also being woke up the next morning at 3am by you're Mother, the alarm clock, banging on your bedroom window seeking refuge then listening to her sing  "Come come ye Saints" from the couch till 3.30am.

A good early-hours-of-the-morning substitute for the middle finger.

What is love?

My Sunday began at 2am and what a taxing Sunday it was.
Currently running on 4 hours of sleep, I had to blog before I fall into bed.
Today I touched base with how much I appreciated Larry while he was alive.
Today's events enforced how much more I appreciate him in death.
He showed me love. True love.
I hope that rubbed off on the people around us.

What are you doing?
Just laying here looking at you.
Because I love ya.

I'm glad he does.
Love is getting out of bed and opening your door to someone who needed love at 2am.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Facebook vs Blog + looming.

When you're supposed to post something to the blog and you post it in Facebook.
I've been sitting here for the last 5 minutes refreshing the blog page to see where the post went.
Quickly deleted from FB when I realized my mistake.
FB is a place where I share very little information esp. my blog link. If they googled, they'd eventually find it, but I am glad some of my FB friends don't have the google search concept mastered. My niece shared the blog link one day on FB and I almost had a heart attack.
Feel special if you are reading via a direct or shared link off of facebook.
Matthew 22:14

I've been watching our kids loom their lives away for the last month. I've seen all the bands in the shops. You can get hundreds for $20. I watched how the kids couldn't work out the looming device that came with the set and how they used their initiative (and youtube) to do it all with their fingers. I watched during sacrament last week as my nephew made his sister a loom ring in rainbow colours.

I had to give it a try and when my nephew told me I could have all his bands the other night, because he's over looming. "It's dumb now", I started my quest to make a loom that will stretch around my house. I snatched packets off the shelves and have been looming ever since.

I'm currently at 6 meters.
I started yesterday.
Not a total loser, but close.

Have you ever?

I remember being on the same flight with Brandy from Miami to LA.
She annoyed me.

Bienvenido a Miami.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Shoot faves.

Still lots of work to do yet, like remove the carpet.
That's going to be a fun job.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Photo Shoot Hell.

Come at 10am, they said. The models will be ready at 10am, they said.
Fashion Photography is not my niche.
5 hours and 537 photos later, I have sore feets and a pure hatred for photography.
But really, it was good times. I just wore the wrong shoes.

My side kick. She was good all day.

White balancing.

These youngins are fierce.


500+ photos to go through over the weekend.
Looking forward to it.
< /sarcasm >

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mischief on mushrooms.

A text from sister last night told me she was in the hospital because Mischief had consumed some mushrooms from the garden as she hung her laundry.
He be trippin' for the night.

All is well. Just want to bite those big ears off.
He was discharged this AM.
See you next week Bebby.


Le Planets. (no leaving comments about Pluto).
My Mum and brother think I need to clean my kitchen and get a pantry. Like their houses, they're forever trying to seek out stuff in their pantries. Pantries become a hoarders dream and you find ish in there that should have been thrown out months ago, sometimes years if you're my grandmother.

Out in the open, you know what you're working with and when it needs to be replaced. So shut up.
There is no shame in clutter because behind those pantry doors, guess what? Clutter.

Sick child. It's working it's way around the motu.

Mitchy's chocolates for YWs tonight.

Find the mistake.

Texts from Nigel-no-mates and Bored-Benji.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Soup, art, games and child.

What's better than a 78 cent soup?
A 49 cent soup.
Thanks Watties for soup #85 and #84.

Serve it piping hot with a grilled cheese and boom.

Found Salsa verde today at The Clearance Shed.
$8 a can from the American store in Auckland, $2.50 at TCS.

Learning to colour inside the lines, shapes and faces.

What? You want to play a game on your iPod?
That's a negative Houston.

This game boggled her. The idea is to push all the sticks through the holes, drop marbles into the top, roll a dice and what colour it lands on is the colour of the stick you pull out and hope you don't drop marbles. It was Armageddon when a marble fell out and she'd cry and put the marbles back in the top.

Connect Four. Adversarial enough for a 3 year old to get.

This mornings fog never lifted.
We did not reach 10°c today and even with the fire going all day, it's still cold inside.

Blast from the past.

Hello 1994.
Me (14 maybe 15) and Tyler (6 months) back when she was cute and yummy and nice.
Now she's a 20 year old fish who I sometimes like to avoid.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Phone rings while I'm in Mitre 10. I'm already having a bad day.
I was there, by force, to buy weed mats with my Mum for my Grandmothers endless gardens. My mum wanted to window shop.
Who window shops in Mitre 10? It's like going to Pak n Save for a look. (Not judging Mitchy).
"What are you doing on September the 6th?"
"It's June"
"I know. Are you busy on September 6th?"
"No. But Hubba's birthday is on the 4th and that's a big event"
"I'm not talking about the 4th, I'm talking about the 6th"
Confused and irritated.
He started talking to someone in his office about eels so I hung up.
He rings back.
"Did you hang up?"
"No. What's on the 6th?"
"I need you to come help me with some Argentines".
My day got brighter.
Papa Greg is the best.
The deal is I have to support Argentina.
Yeah, I'm not doing that to Richie, but Papa Greg doesn't need to know that.

True story.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just one of them days.

A weird dream that wouldn't go away put me off my game today.
One of those dreams where you can't get out of it no matter how many times you wake up to try.
I didn't want to be at church and left after sacrament.
I'm ignoring phone calls and texts.
I am seeking my chi at home, but it's not working.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday at home and soup #86

Just another Saturday at home.

The Farmers finally traded in their piece of crap Subee for a Swift. I've named her Blue-Ivy. You know, like Beyonce. I was also going for Maxine or Veronica.

#86. Crab Bisque.
Do not ever spill fish stock, especially the potent stuff from the Asian grocery store. Oh my fishballs its stunk the whole house out .. enough that I'm going to light some cinnamon incense and go somewhere for a few hours.

Onions. Garlic. Celery all diced and 2 minute saute in butter.

The culprit mixed with 4 tbsp of dry wine.

The Roux. Butter and flour then slowly add the stock/wine mix then cream and milk. Add the crab, old bay seasoning, puree it cold and reheat.

There were more photos, but the house smells and I'm leaving.

I hope it smells better for rugby at 7.30pm.

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