Monday, May 26, 2014

Six years of Larellephant.

Uncle Larry had a soft spot for Larell. They were best buddies!
We moved back a year after she was born and we spent alot of time with her because of the private dialysis he received in Auckland. For the 12+ weeks we were there, she'd jump into our bed every morning and go back to sleep snuggled up close next to him.
I'm glad she's a Kia.
Today, she turned 6.
At 6 months.

1 year.

2 years.

3 years old helping Uncle Larry with his dialysis draining bag.

4th birthday in Bridge Pa.

Thanksgiving at 5.

4 days ago.

God has a sense of humour to have sent my sister Larell.
My sister, the OCD, annoying unbelievably anal, anger management negative piece of work that she is, has no chance with the daughter she grew.
My money is on Larell.

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