Sunday, May 4, 2014

School tomorrow.

The closing hymn in sacrament today, it was announced, was We Thank thee O God for a Prophet .. they sang The Spirit of God.

Primary Presentation. An annual presentation to prove to the parents that we are teaching their spawn something during 3rd hour. They've been learning the children's hymn I love to see the temple, in Spanish. After a month, they're getting somewhere and they've enjoyed the challenge.

Primary is taking care of the ward activity this month. Apparently each axillary takes care of a monthly activity, or something like that.
I haven't heard of one happening before and it's May.

School tomorrow. I spent the weekend contemplating school. I was told to look at the Master Plan we all received at the beginning of the year.
There are only 4 weeks of theory total this term.
12 class days.
1 practicum week (next week), 2 study weeks and an exam week followed by 3 weeks of holidays and the 2nd semester will begin.
Eye on the prize mate, eye on the prize.

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Melissa said...

Good luck.
Msn thank goodness they've got you in primary. So awesome.

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