Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday in Hamilton.

Note to self: Don't share a room with your sister & her kids next time. It's worth the extra $75 to be without them.
Second note to self: Leave your mother at home next time. She is more anti-social than you are now that she has a new cellphone and knows how to play games on it. She will not concede to tetris if the children need CPR.
Third note to self: Mama's Donuts are consumable lucifers.

Last night was torture.
This guy is teething.

This girl is a defiant little punk.

This guy I swear is THE REAL BANSHEE.

And this parrot does everything the other two do and gets herself into trouble.

Our Youth and 3 missionaries in waiting.

Her babysitter didn't do her hair this morning.

Lugar tranquilo y bello.

Once upon a time our ward use to take a bus up to the temple every month. That doesn't happen anymore. Now a week is saved twice a year for each stake to spend at the temple. It's a huge sacrifice for people who have children, big families and who work and I don't think it's boosted temple participation at all. We're 4 hours from Hamilton and it is difficult to get there monthly, but I'd like to at least try if not as a ward, with my family. It's pretty important. Everything else we do in the church is moot if we can't take the time to do that.

There are 2 kinds of people in this case.
People who can go and don't and people who can't go and do.

My mum will be 55 tomorrow.

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Melissa said...

Glad it 'worked out'

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