Tuesday, May 13, 2014

On Brave.

It's not easy being brave, especially in a place where it's common to over share and overlook. Being brave is quite painful and it's not a niche most people have. I like to think that I'm a strong person, but that doesn't mean I'm brave. I embrace my insecurities and I immerse myself in my woes when I'm alone. This makes me a stronger person, but not a brave person.

Brave is not being able to afford time.
Brave is being two in one.
Brave is resisting when you want to challenge.
Brave is looking the covetous in the eye with a smile.
Brave is not succumbing to life under the heel of another.
Brave is overcoming regardless of the injustice.

Brother 1 and Mitchy showed me a meaning of brave today. When you're taken advantage of from every angle, being brave is all you can be because it's not worth being anything else. Their brave is being dignified despite the light at the end of the tunnel is really just your friends holding lamps laughing at you. Their brave is ruling off omission as experience.

Today, I hate this place that I call home because of some of the people in it and I'm brave admitting that.


Melissa said...

Sorry Camille.
I've never thought about brave before. I'm not sure if I'm brave.
I think finishing out ccnz being one of the only white people who was treated horrendously racist was brave.
Never felt more alone than that year or more ugly and worthless. Turns out I am beautiful even though white. You may disagree but that school being finished is a good thing.

Me said...

were they being discriminated against? punch those mothas in the face.

CamillaS said...

100% agree Melissa. CCNZ was a populaity contest, amoung other things. I found some great friends, but that's all I took from there.

Me said...

I'd say move back here, but 'merica sucks and I wouldn't want hubba growing up here. I hear Sweden is nice?

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