Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers day Prep.

It's 1.11am. My Saturday just ended.
It's Mothers Day today in NZ. We're doing what we do best after church, combining meals and eating. Winter calls for casseroles. The girls helped Nan with the steam puddings.

Hubba and Ngawi play-doughing.

Bagged and ready to go later today.

I've mentioned before, the grand concerns I have about my ward. I won't go into last years last minute Fathers Day flowers, but I will go into this years forget-mothers-day-attitude. Nothing was assigned. I wasn't surprised .. if we could forget Jesus and not have an Easter program, forgetting mothers would be no problem.
So when my grandmother took the initiative today to ask my mother to get flowers AT LEAST for the oldest mother in our ward, my mum asked the powers-that-be and got a response similar to a piss poor yeah you take care of it - may as well do all of it, attitude.

So with 2 adults and 4 children, we did just that .. because showing up to church on Mothers Day with absolutely nothing to show thanks for would be so very typical of the ward.

The ward after us are having a hangi for their Mothers. One of the other wards in our stake had a breakfast this morning for their mothers. I can't remember which Prophet said that there will be many members, but very few Saints.
Truth hurts .. apparently so does showing gratitude.

Dinner (Thanks Min & Papa).

Naz & Hubba.

Happy Mothers Day.

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Melissa said...

You're right.
If they can forget Jesus, us mother's have zero chance right?
Sorry man. Mother's should be truly grateful for your efforts.
No one truly appreciate all that a mother does though or even really realizes. But in my 'I feel sorry for myself' days I always am reminded that Heavenly Father knows, he sees, he cares, and that's sometimes just enough to keep me from walking off the edge ;)

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