Friday, May 16, 2014

Jean Paul Gaultier

After I drop Hubba off at Kohanga in the mornings, I haven't been coming home till 5-6pm. I'll stick close to either my Mum, Mitchy or Tyler - depending on who's doing what. I don't stay home because, without her home, it's too solitary and that only leads to bouts of sadness that sparks the reality that is loneliness and I start to remind myself of what/who I don't have anymore.

Friday's are her days off and I needed to be somewhere this morning. I planned to go to where I was needed, then come back and spend the rest of the day at home. Just us.

All it took was the scent of a perfume I recognized to put my whole day off.

I forced myself to think what I had to do that could keep me away from home. All I came up with was that I needed a light bulb for the lamp on my piano. Too much chocolate and deep fried stuff later, I egged Mitchy into the importance of lighting her fire and stayed with her till now.

I missed the scent even though it sits with my perfumes in my room, but more .. I miss him.
Everything in my heart and mind suffice, but there are days like today when you get a reminder in an unpredictable way and think, it's just not enough.

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