Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I found out a new word today.
Mitchy's a FIFO.
It's women who have husbands that work away from home, typically in the mines.
Means Fly In, Fly Out.
I'm a FO.
My husband flew out and he's not coming back till sometime after there's a temple in Jackson County, Missouri.

Something to look forward to.

PS. May aswell tell you now. I withdrew from Nursing today. Technically, it's a 6-12 month leave, but I don't want to re-live his death over and over again through patients. I don't think it's for me and even though it took $5600 to figure that out, it's done. Yesterdays lecture was the breaker. I had woes about feeling like a loser, but my emotions are not in order for nursing.

Now what am I to do.


Melissa said...

Wow what a huge decision. Good for you man. Can't wait to hear what's next after breathing.

Me said...

Its good you're doing what's best for you. Any plans what's next?