Wednesday, May 14, 2014

3 posts in 1 day.

Everyone knows the feeling. When you're scrolling through your news feed/email one day and someone has attached/posted a video that looks like it could be interesting. You scroll through the comments and see that several people have posted "Don't watch without a tissue, seriously!".

So you prepare yourself to watch it and get goosebumps as shivers run up your spine as the video begins to play. Then an overwhelming feeling of tear jerking emotion  makes you think, how can I possibly keep it together till the end?

God Bless America for the promo of the year.
All Blacks vs USA Eagles in Chicago in November.
(I can see you all rolling your eyes right now).
If you're in America, you HAVE to go if you can do so.
I wish I could.
Tonight I will add to my prayer, a first class ticket next to Richie McCaw in November to Chicago ... with lots of Ambien because I hate to fly.
Actually, I'll just pray for wings to sprout from my back instead.


Melissa said...

Already looking at tickets and hotels. We're in man. Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Me said...

Dude, Chicago in November? No thanks. That's some ice age up in there. Surface temp of mars same as Chicago. Gross.

CamillaS said...

Melissa: I'm jealous.

Ariel: Rugby is best played frozen ;) Perfect conditions!

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