Thursday, April 3, 2014

The weekend has begun.

Thursdays are always the longest days at school. I'd prefer not to have a lunch break.. I'd rather keep going and finish school earlier than 4pm. I just needed this week to be over already.

While The Livians began rennovations, I played camp mother and fed their brood of kids. While I cooked we talked about the plan of salvation. I may have scared them all straight. Rome wanted to know about magic, so I told her about faith moving mountains. Bebin wanted to know about the earth being cleansed by fire, so I told him how it was cleansed by water the first time. Shaily wanted to know how they will see Uncle Larry again, so I gave her the genealogy of my families temple sealings, eventuating in the bind that connects them to their Uncle. I reminded her it is all according to our righteousness. Nessa wanted to know how we know it's true ... that was the best question of the night even better than Rome's, "Does Heavenly Father have a sore tummy when there are earthquakes?".

I told Nessa she had to find out for herself and come to her own conclusion. I told her church is a push in the right direction, but ultimately it's her decision. I told her we're here to be tested and when it comes down to it, it's all about right and wrong and which one of those we decide to lead our lives with. She asked if someone can be good and not go to church and I told her those people are everywhere. She asked me if we are not supposed to love people who don't believe. I told her we embrace people who don't believe because we believe.

Not the dumb bunch I thought they were.

Then we started talking about the celestial kingdom and they all got egotistical about who's planet will be better. Rome's had free McDonald's and you could sleep all day. I'll have a first class ticket there thanks.

Hubba asked what was for dinner in heaven.
I said mashed potatoes and venison.


Melissa said...

Lol fun.

Me said...

have you been watching cosmos with neil degrasse tyson?? the last episode was talking alot about that kind of stuff, like what could be through a black hole, what another universe could be like, etc. it reminded me of joking around about what my worlds would be like in the celestial kingdom :)

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