Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The investment.

As of 3pm this afternoon, Brother 1 and Mitchy own a house.
2 things I'll remember if ever I want to get another house.
1. Don't buy from your friends.
2. Oral agreements aren't binding when you buy from your friends.

It's a fixer upper, but worth the price because it's still rural and just around the corner. Pictures are of the house as-is at the time of purchase. There is lots to be done.

The local Frenchman's (the neighbors) kind sentiment to his wife. The sign is up for everyone to see at their front gate. I would have changed the age myself, but maybe it's what the French do.

My nephew Bebin (middle Bebs) and his 2 friends Scout and Tonotu were HUGE helpers today. They were helping cut trees, move branches and all that boy stuff. Better than the YM in our ward who's service project skills is limited to playing basketball at the chapel in their socks unintentionally cleaning the floor while doing so.

Brother came back from Oz this stint rocking a taliban beard.

These guys.

Let the renovating begin.
To be continued.

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Melissa said...

Parts of it look great. I think it's wonderful. Good luck.

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