Monday, April 14, 2014

The Essay.

Shhhh .. I'm home wagging my Health lecture to work on the essay.
I maxed out at just under 1500 words. There is not much more I want to say, or research, re: Maori Health & Addiction. I've said enough.
We're on the Skeletal System in science. This mornings lecture was very fast and very informative.
3 more days of school and I'm done for 2 weeks.
Sister and crew come on Thursday. I get to see my Bebin. Nan can have the other two.
It's cold.
Need to go down to Hubba's kohanga and change her hours to 20 only. It's not like she's learning anything, unless shampooing your hair with sand is educational.
It's above average babysitting.
Pretty sure she learns more from Calimero on Disney Jnr.
I'll submit my essay before I go to bed tonight and take the rest of the afternoon off.
I'd wag the rest of the week if I could.
Maybe I'll pray for it to flood. With rain for another week, it's possible.

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Me said...

sucks that kohanga is so not awesome. good luck with classes though!!!

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