Sunday, April 13, 2014


1338 words down. I still need at least 500 words to complete what I have to say. I have to max out at 1550, so my conclusion might be brief .. as in "Maori's shouldn't smoke or drink" brief.

Brother 1 has gone and left an incomplete house.
Pretty sure I can google how to do their floor and do more than he done with my bare hands!

The monster sleeps in my bed tonight and it's so cold that I had to pull out the winter armour.

Before I go to bed tonight I want to watch this mornings Crusaders game, fold two weeks worth of towels and hang some laundry. I've been keeping away from the news websites so I don't see scores.

4 hours of school tomorrow.
Hoping the lecturer for our afternoon class let's us go work on our essays, because it's her subject, making tomorrow's school day only 2 hours.
Might pray for that tonight.

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