Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rennovation, Science, Foot & school.

The reno's at the Livians is progressing, slowly but surely. I liked the original floor boards, but it's not my house and I didn't have a say ... didn't stop me though!
You should have gone darker.
Shut up.
You should have. The walls are too dark for the floors.
Shut. Up.
You should have got a darker color.
I wanted to break the dark and make things warm.
A dark colour makes a room warm. Lighter colours make rooms cold.
I can only IMAGINE what my sister is thinking right now. Our brothers must be glad there are only 2 of us.


There are 3 shades of gray in the house, I like them all.

Carpet went in yesterday.
The carpet is brown. You said it was grey.
It is grey.
Its brown.
It has a brown tint in it, but it's grey.
It's brown. Mum said it's brown too.

Lounge & kitchen. The floors will be in by Friday.

Shaily & Nu's room.

Bebins new bed.

And that's the house. Furniture will come in after the floors are done.

Science exam.
I over thought the whole exam. Glad it's over, but I'll be lucky if I made the 50% requirement. I should have read through the revision notes more than twice. She only uploaded them on Monday, but it's no excuse for me not bothering during my study week.
I tried.

My gammy foot sucks. I stopped taking the happy tramadol pain killer Monday night so I could concentrate and be alert for the exam today. Going in to see my Dr. manana, which means no school! (silent yeeessss). Got our first assignments today for the May placements. I'm looking forward to it with much anxiety. I never was a peoples person.

.. and Baby Bebin, who will be here next week!

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Melissa said...

Hey thanks for your comment.
I like the place so far. Post pics of it all done for us. Tell us what you got in your exam as well.

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