Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday morning.

I had plans today that included laundry, bake, visiting teaching, grocery shopping and starting that lifestyle change that always begins tomorrow. Holidays are the worst times to try anything diet related.

Baby Bebin coughed directly into my mouth a few days ago.
He was sick.
Now I am sick and Hubba is sick.
So much for the flu shot.

There was a restaurant in Palmdale, CA we always use to go to. First it was called The Blue Koi, then it became Something to Eat. They had these brown rice salads in there that I've been thinking about since we got back to NZ. I'll try them out this week. They also had prawn and spinach dumplings that I need to try recreate, they were the best thing there out of everything else on the buffet.

Bye now.

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