Saturday, April 12, 2014

On Friday.

I dreamed I passed my science exam. I also dreamed I was trapped in an elevator with Richie McCaw in a hotel where the visiting royals were staying.

The royals are touring NZ and the constant news about them is not news worthy. I do not care for the color Prince George is wearing today or hearing about people travelling from Blenheim to Auckland to catch a glimpse of Kate sailing. Get a life NZ. In more interesting news, Nasdaq is down 13.

Yesterdays renos.
I'd like to say things about the state of the house at purchase, but there isn't enough space on the internet for that.

Moving furniture in.

Stripped floor. The Livians scored a semi-industrial gas oven from Kath to slide into the slot in the corner.

Curtains are up! $12 netting's (all sizes) at the Warehouse this week and 40% off Maison D'or curtains.

I see you Mitchy.

Only Bebin's room needs curtains.

Nessa pinteresting.

The floors.
Bi-Polar didn't think ahead.

They got this far before they realised more tools were needed. He leaves tomorrow night, the floors must be done today or Mitchy will grow horns and borrow Romes pitch-fork.

El Diablo selfie.

Rome's eyelashes.

We have a reprieve in the weather today and the sun is out. MAC plays Taradale in Taradale.
I will not attend.

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