Wednesday, April 30, 2014

1 , 2.

It's been a bit of a somber week.
The superstition of the 3s never fails, that's the sad part.
We counted a few days ago and when family members died, they went as a trio.

Clarence is family.
My Mum vowed to never take Bruma Rd again .. even when she's got no rego and WOF and drives it to avoid police checks.
Good call lady.
You're a bad driver on paved roads let alone unpaved.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday morning.

I had plans today that included laundry, bake, visiting teaching, grocery shopping and starting that lifestyle change that always begins tomorrow. Holidays are the worst times to try anything diet related.

Baby Bebin coughed directly into my mouth a few days ago.
He was sick.
Now I am sick and Hubba is sick.
So much for the flu shot.

There was a restaurant in Palmdale, CA we always use to go to. First it was called The Blue Koi, then it became Something to Eat. They had these brown rice salads in there that I've been thinking about since we got back to NZ. I'll try them out this week. They also had prawn and spinach dumplings that I need to try recreate, they were the best thing there out of everything else on the buffet.

Bye now.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


A day of rest .. and a day of rest it was.
After church.

The lads went hunting in the Tarawera's over the weekend and scored a 130lbs wild boar. Tashi roasted some wild pig at a family lunch a few months ago and it was amazeballs. The color is a little gangz, but it's a tasty animal.

Lunch at The Parentals - leftovers.

You left your 20 dollars in my fridge. I'm guessing when you and Tyler were fighting over the last cream egg, you were forced to prioritize and left the money next to the margarine.

View from the Parentals eatery aka. carport.

Thanks for the banana cake Sister.

Rome & Hubba.

The circus left town today.
I miss Bebin the most. Possibly the only one I miss.
One more week of no school.
I really need to spend this week thinking up something to make me rich before next Monday .. or get to reading Patient and Person: Interpersonal Skills in Nursing by Stein-Parbury because placements are in 3 weeks.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Like attracts like.

They say that your life right now is a reflection of your past thoughts.
Does that mean that everything bad that has happened in my life is because I attracted it by thinking it?
I believe thoughts have a frequency because they can be measured. What I don't believe is that thoughts become things.
If that statement were true, I'd be Spiderman right now.

It fills me with wonder that a below average team can beat the top team one week and lose to a team lower than them on the tables the next.
Here's what I've boiled it down to after hearing about the training week the team had.
You can't underestimate rugby players who are also naturally bred farm boys. Farm boys play rugby like how it's supposed to be played. Strategically with a dash of physical acrimony. They do not stand on the field and wonder who is looking at them from the sidelines. They do not care that their wives and girlfriends silently cheer from the fields outer boundaries. Farm boys come to play rugby.

I go to rugby to watch power and strength marinate a diamond shaped ball.
My backing is psychological.
I am rampart at the sidelines, not moral support.
Just play rugby for fricks sake.


Blog hopping at 2am because I bought an 18 pack of Pepsi Max MAX from Reduced to Clear and can't sleep now. Only drank 1.

I have a list of blogs I read through, daily, and they're in order of which I favour most - both strangers and acquaintances. Most are ex-pats of countries and LDS, others are just random strangers family blogs. I look for widows and widowers inside and outside of the church to see how they've moved on with life after and the handful I have in that category are not coping even 5 years later.

It's like reality TV, in photos and words, online.
Over the last 14 years I've seen marriages break up, children grow up, people get married and re-married, strangers lose children and family members, people leave and rejoin the church and some who randomly move to other countries for no valid reason other than the experience.

In the blogosphere, you're all more interesting than you think you are.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Long Anzac day.

The YW in my ward went to the dawn parade this morning. I must google why they do it at dawn. Surprised Shaily woke up for the occasion, I couldn't do it. I have yet to graduate from seminary because dawn and I weren't friends. I asked my Mum if my great-grandfather was a war veteran. She said he signed up all ready to go and he went and then got sent home because he had a family back here. She said back then, people signed up to go to war as if it were a fashion and alot of men lied just to go. I don't know how true the story of my grandfather is, but the Aunties were both military affiliated and I appreciated them lots. Their regimental ways made me a decent person.
Took Kia and Hubba to see the thingys at the Hastings monument this morning.

Carvings at the library in town are for the different marae in the area. Each face the direction of the marae they were carved to represent. This is Mangaroa .. or Korongata .. I can't remember. Both marae are here in ruralville.
Hubba didn't care.

"You have to make it from this side to that side by only standing on two colors"
"What are my colours?"
"Purple and red"

"I'm jumping on any colors. I don't care. I'm not playing. This game is dumb".

"Two colors? OK two colors. Just two. Well I'll probably win this because there are alot of purple ones, except for that area where there are only blue, so I won't go that way I'll jump on all the red to that purple one then I'll double jump to that one and then I can spin round to that one and  ..."
"Shut up Kia".

Hubba stuck her head in the fountain .. she looks boyish in this picture.

Steam pudding.

The Bebs.

Had a keg hangi brunch with the family. Half way through our afternoon Kath calls to say she's getting rid of crap in her shed to make space for their spankin new car. We got side tracked there and my Mum, ever the hoarder, filled up a trailer full of crap to sort later. I would have taken a photo, but I was too embarrassed.
Good eats.

Stuff the Edmonds custard.

Jasiah and his motorbike. It's only for boys. No girls allowed.
So who let Hubba on?

Remember Deka?
Went through some of the crap tonight before coming home. Aunty June (of CCNZ) had a bunch of stuff that Kath was going to burn. A whole bag dedicated to wool, lace and knitting patterns. I wish I was patient enough to learn how to knit. I went through a cross-stitching phase, but I was kidding myself. There was stuff from her Wealtha Dorm days at CCNZ and suitcases belonging to people from as far back as the 70s.

Crusaders have a bye this week.
MAC play in Central Hawkes Bay tomorrow. Still contemplating the trip there.
Nice win for the Warriors tonight and the Blues.
Chiefs got a crack from the Brumbies.
The End.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


K.I.A (pronounced key-a) is code my sister and I refer to when speaking of her husband. Means know-it-all. Sister is a Kia too, she just won't admit it. Larell, their spawn, is SIKIA.
Super Irritating KIA.
Uncle Larry would have loved her because he was the Master Kia. He really did know it all, that's the difference between him and every other Kia in the family.

My Lush.
She's just yum .. and when I think she's being a demon, all I have to do is think of my sisters kids and I'll appreciate her times ten-billion.

After 2 rounds of chemo, Aunty Vi has a kina-baldy hair do.

Anyone who can brave chemotherapy is a hero to me.
She keeps on keeping on .. death threats to the kids and talking to her cat Milo like he's human.

ANZAC hangi tomorrow with the family at The Parentals.
Who can diet when Easter eggs go on sale at Reduced to Clear and Mum's making steam pudding?
Start on Saturday.

Day 516.

17 months.
I miss him most at nights when Hubba is fast asleep in bed and there is no one here but me and my second perspective.

He was.
He is.
He forever will be.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter and wood for winter.

There was no Easter program in our ward on Sunday. It should give you an idea of the state of the ward as a whole. As I sat in sacrament meeting it felt like something was missing .. besides the Bishop .. and I keep coming back to the same dynamite theory.

Easter came and went. Yesterday the kids went with Papa Greg to one of the local golf courses to get firewood for winter and pick up pine cones.


Those two city slickers at the front don't know much about a rural life. They complained the whole time.

Hubba: I'm not helping them, they don't listen and they don't know what they're doing!
Larell: Yes we do!
Jasiah: I don't know what I'm doing.

I've decided that when I win the lotto, I'm going to buy this golf course, convert it into a 9 holer and turn the rest into rugby fields.

FHE lastnight.
Shai & The Bebs.

Hula hooping Rome.

Hula hooping Shai.

She was the only one interested in the play dough all night. It's because she doesn't have it at home. When she stops eating it she can have it at home.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...