Saturday, March 1, 2014

The weekend.

Rugby Saturday.
MAC had a pre-season game this afternoon.

More new faces than old.
More younger guys than older.
They beat Tech 31-19, but those weren't Tech's best players. They'll be keeping those gems for the in-season games. Some Mac'ers could do with a lifestyle change. Didn't you start training last year? Your tight shorts beg to differ.

Ngawi & Hubs.

Rough day at the office.

Dinner with The Livians.

Mitchy getting emotional reading Hubbas latest book from Ariel. (It came today and once again, everyone else loves it more than the child does).

Rome & Hubba.

I fell asleep on the couch watching Finding Bigfoot. That's how awesome that show is.
Highlanders, I love you a little more than the Chiefs, a little less than the Crusaders.


Me said...

hubba is so adorable!!

i'm so glad you got the book! i can't claim credit for the words (its a poem by e e cummings) but its my favorite!

Melissa said...

So who's your fav rugby team? I was born in Dunedin so I have a soft spot for highlanders.

CamillaS said...

Crusaders, most definately. I'm an avid McCaw fan.

Happy Birthday Hubs!

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