Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Study Day 2.

Hawkes Bay nectarine tea by Healtheries tastes like what I imagine liquid cardboard to taste like.

First of the season from my secret spot.

Thanks for my ballstrerry milk.

Essay is done. I barely made the quota.
I changed all the It's to it is to meet the minimum.
I spent 2 hours in town this morning with Mitchy. I could have been reading about cultural differences and communication.


Melissa said...

I miss feijoas like crazy man.
My husband and I love them.
Anywhere in the states have them?

CamillaS said...

I always saw them at Albertsons during the south american feijoa season or Mexican supermarkets (Vallarta in CA). They're called pineapple guavas everywhere else and were $4.99 each. Alternatively, if there is a 99cent store where you are, they have them in cans. I always bought back the feijoa lollies after my trips home.

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