Monday, March 17, 2014

Study Day 1.

Probably could have started something over the weekend, but when I looked on my class's FB page this morning, others had the same idea to relax over the weekend and get in to it today. I have an essay due next week and I need to understand the science stuff more, so I'm going to spend the next 2 days on the essay and the rest of the week on science, which consists of watching detailed youtube videos and going through a practice exam.

The essay is about nurse-patient relationships and how cultural differences may impact on effective communication. They want 1500 words for it and I know it's not much, but what it all boils down to - of what I can gather over the first 4 weeks of school - is that it's about going beyond being ultra nice. That sums up my essay in less than 10 words.

I'm not ultra nice.
I'm probably not even really nice.
I may be borderline nice, but there's room for improvement and I'm learning.

There was an earthquake at 1.11am this morning. The weather was a predicter of that.
Good call Mitchy.

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Me said...

we sent it to you. first california, then oregon, then you guys. earthquakes.

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