Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sphygmomanometer. Sphygmomanometer.

I watchlisted a sphygmomanometer on TradeMe and was about to leave a note for my brother "Get me this for christmas, but pretend christmas is this week!". I took a leaf out of Mitchy's book and looked on eBay. $17NZD with free shipping.

Dear Family,
Brace yourselves. I'm coming over to BP you all when I get it.
Love, Me.

It's coming from Hong Kong ... so I hope for that price it's more than rubberbands and a condom fashioned to look like a sphygmomanometer.


Melissa said...

I'm excited to see what the honk kong peeps produce.

CamillaS said...

I built up my photo studio with stuff from HK and my sister in law buys MAC cosmetics from there. I think it's true about everything being made in China.

Me said...

Or made in American prisons.

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