Friday, March 28, 2014

Planes & strokes.

Last Sunday there was a plane crash just up the road. It left from the aerodrome here and the pilot was giving low flying instructions to the student pilot. The flag has been half mast all week at the aerodrome. During the week a bi-plane was lost in Auckland somewhere. They're still searching for wreckage of any sort. A plane went down in Australia carrying skydivers and a chopper crash in Gisbourne. Then MH370.

I'm not taking my feet off of the ground. Ever. I told Mitchy and my nieces the other night that I'm too scared to jump incase I get lost.

Piri Weepu is the 5th person, in 2 weeks, who's been mentioned to have had a stroke. The 5 range from old and frail to young and fit. Piri Weepu, the 34 year old All Black.

What's going on ...
I'd much prefer money falling from the sky over planes and rapid weighloss over strokes.

Crusaders vs Hurricanes tonight.
Blues vs Highlanders tomorrow.

It's nearly April.
12 more school days then first term is over.


Melissa said...

Go Highlanders.
Our mate had a stroke at 30. It was crazy. Apparently he had a hole in his heart that he never knew about his whole life.
They fixed it and he said he felt like a new person, he could breathe deep and do things better.
Crazy right?
I figure if I'm gonna die I'm gonna die, I have to visit home and plane's the best way.
I just hope I die and am not lost on some crazy Island eating other people for food............

CamillaS said...

Turned out Piri Weepu has a hole in his heart he never knew about. Crazy.

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