Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday - Week 3.

Hubba was sent home today with 2 boxes of chocolates to sell. Who gives a 3 year old boxes of chocolates to sell? Serves me right for not going to the hui (meeting) last week, but you'd think ... I'm only sending my child there because she needs babysitting during my school hours. I do not have time to sell chocolates when I'm home. I have chemistry to learn.

I made Mitchy buy a whole box. This will come in handy for Rome's birthday on the weekend. I then rocked up to a cousins house and made her buy $20 worth. Text Tyler to ask her how many she wanted to buy - ($10). Text my Mum and told her she needs to buy $20 worth, which she can  half with Papa Greg, and we'll have the last 4.


I didn't need that to worry about for the rest of the week.
I need to find out what the fundraising is for.

My grandmother doesn't like the idea of the kids door knocking. She thinks it unsafe. I bypassed her house knowing this rule. She would have sent a note to Kohanga voicing her concerns about fundraising being a stranger danger issue. She's done it before.

It had to be chocolate. Nessa's school sent her home with liquid gold to sell.  LIQUID GOLD. Do you know what liquid gold is?
What's high in nitrogen and exits our body as waste?
She sold 1 bag for $4.
Go figure.

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Me said...

my parents never let me do any of that fundraising stuff. i was the least popular girlscout.

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