Friday, March 14, 2014

For safety reasons.

They told us that a part of our nursing uniform is to tie your hair back. It's not only a 'to look professional' rule, it's also a safety hazard. If you're in the mental health ward and a client yanks your hair, you're up craps creek without a paddle rocking a bald patch.

I'd been avoiding it .. even tried to say my Samoan heritage forbids me from it, until the other Samoan girl in the class tied hers back. So I cut about a foot off. I can still tie it back, so I'll get creative on myself during the weekend and keep snipping until I can't tie it back anymore, but still long enough to be comfortable.

I was imagining the post-haircut Tangled look.
I fear it's more a Dora the Explorer do.
Yeah, nah to the photo you're thinking about asking me for.


Melissa said...

Come on man POST IT.

Me said...

Did I show you the pics from when we left Tucson? My hair was down to my butt, but we were going to live in the woods and no shower. Long hair was impractical so I chopped it. I like to think it was a fey valentine from cowboy bebop. Good luck with yours!

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